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Why We Like Our Dreamfit 3-Degree Bed Sheets + Cheapest Price

Why We Like Our Dreamfit 3-Degree Bed Sheets + Cheapest Price
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Welcome to our review of the Dreamfit 3-Degree Bed Sheets. To start, these sheets are damn good for the money and are going to be in our “Best Bed Sheets of The Year” article coming out later this fall (shhh keep this a secret). Today we’re going to give our review of the Dreamfit 3-Degrees and layout the main highlights that we think buyers would like to know before purchasing these sheets. Keep in mind we test a lot of sheets and many do NOT make the cut on our best sheets of the year list, but these did.

To start, these sheets fit very well over nearly any mattress. Dreamfit prides itself on making a sheet that can accommodate a very thick mattress and they do not skimp out on material length. If you have a mattress with a mattress topper anywhere between 1 and 4 inches you will have no problems placing the fitted sheet on your mattress. Many companies skimp out on this to help save money on material, but Dreamfit doesn’t and we like it.

As far as comfort , these sheets are incredibly soft and provide both amazing warmth and cooling power. Sleeping with this sheet under your favorite blanket will provide you with a comfortable soft layer over your body that will keep in the heat and wick away sweat. On the other end of the spectrum you can take off you favorite blanket and just sleep with the sheet on top of you to pull away heat from your body in warm temperatures and also wick away sweat. That is the beauty of 100% natural select cotton is it’s ability to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Overall we could not be happier with these sheets for the price. Our only complaint is that we wish Dreamfit would offer a wider variety of colors to choose from. However, we got over this very quickly once we felt how amazing these sheets really are.

Happy Sleeping Everyone!

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