What Are The Best Bed Sheets of 2016?

Today I am going to post my top three reviews of the best bed sheets of 2016. As a bed sheet guru (and somewhat of obsessor as I’m told) I have tried them all. Egyptian cotton, micro fiber blends, silk, sateen and everything in between.

Whenever I get questions from buyers it’s always the same question “what are the softest sheets I can get for ___ about of money?”

So today I am making the ultimate guide directing buyers to the best bed sheet of 2016 in three separate price ranges.

  • Less than $75
  • Less than $150
  • Less than $200

To start I want to say that buying nice bed sheets is one of the best investments you can make for yourself. You spend 1/3 of you life in you bed so why not live that 1/3 of your life in luxary?

If you would like to view any of these sheet sets on please click on the button belwo each review!


The Less than $75 category

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This was an easy choice for me because the competition for the bed sheets I have chosen doesn’t even come close to the quality of these sheets. Get yourself a set of Zen Bamboo Luxury Bed Sheets ( These babies are a cozy soft sheet that you won’t want to get away from. It’s truly amazing how great these sheets feel for the price.

The Pros

  • Feel like $200 bed sheets
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • 40% Bamboo and 60% Brushed Microfiber
  • Purchase online
  • Great Price

The Cons

  • Won’t last as many washes as $200 sheets

You can’t go wrong buying these. They’re simply the best for the price and give you a feeling of comfort you will not find in any other sheet in this price range.


The Less Than $150 Category

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Buyers in this price range normally have a little higher interest in bed sheets and want something that sweeps them off their feet and puts them on their back sleeping like a baby. I’m here to help.

Go for the Malouf Fine Linens 600 Count Genuine Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets ( These babies feature 100% real long strand egyptian cotton with 600 threads per inch. The longer the strand of cotton the softer the sheets feel to the touch. Malouf does a great job at producing the best sheet in this price range (oddly enough you can find a great deal on these sheet as low as $100).

One of the main reasons we like these sheets is because they continue to get softer and softer. No really we mean it! After each wash of egyptian cotton the sheet actually gets softer to the touch. I remember being amazed at my first set of long thread egyptian cotton sheets because they felt like they were getting softer each time (It wasn’t until later that I read online egyptian cotton gets softer after every wash).


  • 100% real Egyptian cotton
  • 600 long thread count
  • Softer after each wash
  • Close to $100
  • Purchase Online from Amazon


  • Only a few color choices available
  • Hard to find in stores


The Less Than $200 Category

Screen shot 2013-04-24 at 5.19.39 PM

And last, but not least is the best of the best. The $200 price range that will send you into such a deep comfortable sleep that you may just have you calling in sick for work to enjoy the comfort for just a few more minutes. You’ll be spoiled for life.

Feast your eyes on the 1200 thread count 100% Egyptian cotton sheets sold by Amazon. I bought these sheets with a giftcard for Amazon that I received for my birthday and all I could say was WOW! I immediately threw them in the wash and put them on my bed. Impressed was an understatement I was in love with these sheets and still am. I couldn’t believe how soft and thick they were when I pulled them from the box. It’s amazing what true quality feels like. I purchased them in white which was easy to clean and was very impressed with the stitching work overall.

I to this day as I am writing this right now have these sheets on my bed. Any if for any reason I had to buy a new set of bed sheets I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase these again.

The Pros

  • 100% real 1200 long thread count Egyptian cotton (nothing compares to it)
  • Incredibly strong stitching work
  • Gets softer with each wash
  • Washes very easily
  • Great longevity
  • Gets many compliments
  • Purchase Online from Amazon


The Cons

  • The hefty price tag




No matter which set of sheets you buy you will instantly notice a difference compared to your standard bed sheets. I can not explain how amazing nice quality bed sheets feel. You will look at you bed in a whole new way once you feel a nice set of egyptian cotton sheets against your skin. If you want to buy these sheets I would highly recommend Amazon as I find all the lowest prices there. If you purchase from my Amazon links you’re also directly supporting my new site which I thank you very much for.

Hope this is of great help and best of luck to everyone and their soft sheet goals of 2013!

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