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Learn The Basics

Welcome to our 3 step guide that will help you find the softest and highest quality sheets that will fit your budget and home.

We would like to start by saying that buying quality sheets is a FANTASTIC investment. Every night you will look forward to getting in your soft clean bed and letting the cotton of your choice hug your body.

In our 3 step guide we will educate you on what creates a quality soft bed sheet, narrow down your choices according to your price range and lastly show the best quality and softest sheets you can get for your money.

 What components make a high quality soft bed sheet?

There are two main components of quality bed sheets.

  1. The Cotton
  2. Thread Count

The Cotton: To get the soft touch of a quality bed sheet they must be made of 100% cotton. Cotton comes in a variety of lengths and sources which affects the way the sheet feels. The best sheets are made of long thin fibers that will create a smooth feel to the touch. Egyptian cotton is a great example of this and is one of the best cottons available due to it’s long silky fibers.

Thread Count: Thread count is the amount of threads per inch in your sheets. Quality sheets have high thread counts. A thread count of 300+ is recommend when looking to purchase quality sheets as you will feel a noticeable difference from your regular sheets. Anything below this number will not give you that “wow” factor you’re looking for. Another bonus is that high thread count sheets will increase in comfort after several washes.


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