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My Review – Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam Pillow

The Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam Pillow has been one of my best purchases this year by far. To start I have never used a memory foam pillow after having a bad experience with using one in the past at a friends house. He told me how great it was, but after 20 minutes I wasn’t impressed. However, a year later I now have two on these on my bed and refuse to sleep with anything else.

The Sleep Innovations Contour is a whole new pillow compared to what I used in the past. I was constantly waking up with neck pain from my regular pillows and this memory foam pillow got rid of it. Something about regular pillows makes my neck kink up after about 3-4 hours of sleeping and my usually process of turning over every couple of hours. This was something that I wanted to get rid of asap as it was starting to really bother me.

To start I purchased this off of for a fraction of what I thought these fancy pillows would cost (Click here to view the Contour Memory Foam Pillow on The pillow itself has a contour design that allows your head to comfortably sit in the pillow and provide neck support at the same time. The pillow gets softer as it warms up and it morphs to the shape of you head and neck which reduces the amount of pressure you feel while laying down.


  • 5 Year Limited Manufacture Warranty
  • Contour designed to reduce back, shoulder and neck pain
  • Supports correct spinal alignment while sleeping
  • Returns to original form after use
  • Removable cover and pillow both washable

How To Wash

Remove the removable cover and place in washer on a cold setting with no bleach. Place pillow and cover in wash. Let both air dry.

Overall Impression

I’m in love with this pillow. The neck support and comfort is awesome compared to my old cotton and feather filled pillows. You can’t find a deal like this from anywhere besides Amazon! That’s why I love shopping online. If you’re are on the fence about memory foam pillows you should definitely pick this up. For the price and comfort you can’t go wrong!

Would You Recommend This To A Friend?

Definitely. Great for gifts to friends as well!

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