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My Review: JS Sanders 1500 Series Wrinkle Resistant 4 pc Sheet Set


Not everyone has the budget to go and drop $100+ dollars on a set of sheets. That’s why JS Sanders has created the 1500 Series.

These sheets feature a micro fiber blend that is as soft as a set of 1500 thread count egyptian cotton while providing a light weight design, a great moisture wicking system, and a breathable feel that keeps you cool in the summer. Our test of the moisture wicking system included washing the sheets and observing how long they took to dry. Like we expected the sheets air dried very quickly and were ready for use in less than 45 minutes.

The softness of this sheet set is incredible. You simply can not find a set of sheet softer than this for the price. These sheets earn a 4 out of 5 star rating in our softness category and like advertised do feel as soft as 1500 thread count sheets.

One concern with some cheaper micro fiber blend sheets in the sticky feeling that some experience when laying in hot temperatures. However, with the 1500 series we did not experience this and felt that the breathable design did a great job of pulling away the heat.

If you’re looking for a cozy soft set of sheets, but don’t have a large budget in mind you will not find anything softer than the JS Sanders 1500 Series.

The 1500 Series is available in the following colors:

My Review: JS Sanders 1500 Series Wrinkle Resistant 4 pc Sheet Set



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