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What Are The Best Bed Sheets Ever?

People often ask what are the absolute bed sheets on the market? Most people are looking for one specific answer, but to their surprise there are multiple sheets that are considered “the best” depending on how you sleep. We are going to go over each type of sleeper today and give you our best recommendation to make you sleep like a baby at night. Keep in mind you can make almost any sheet work, but if you want to really cater to your specific needs than keep reading.

The Average Temperature Sleeper
This is the type of person who doesn’t sleep too hot or too cold. You’ll often times find them under just one decent sheet and half a blanket to keep them warm at night. The average temperature sleeper normally lives in an area where the weather is not too extreme one way or another. For this type of sleeper we recommend a set of Egyptian cotton bed sheets (if you’re willing to spend some cash) or a set of traditional cotton sheets (for those of us with a budget). Cotton sheets are great for both comfort and warmth. In the winter they will keep you warm and in the summer they do a decent job of pulling away moisture and heat. Where they shine the most is in the comfort category. So if you’re an average sleeper Egyptian cotton is your best friend.

bamboo cotton
Best Bed Sheet: Egyptian Cotton/ Traditional Cotton

Sheets Recommended:

Malouf Fine Linens Genuine Egyptian Cotton Sheets (


The Hot Sleeper

If you’re a hot sleeper than you are the type who rarely uses a blanket in the summer and likes to lay under a cool sheet. On super hot nights you may sweat and it can sometimes wake you up and cause you to sleep uncomfortably. Also in the winter you seem to sleep fine even in colder climates. For these types of sleepers they mainly need to focus on a sheet that will keep them comfortable during the hot nights as they sleep fine during the winter. We strongly recommend getting a set of bamboo cotton sheets. Bamboo cotton does a great job of pulling away sweat during the night and giving you a very comfortable nights rest no matter how hot you are. The sheets are very soft and breath really well which will allow you to stay cool without having to ditch your sheet at night.

egyptian cotton
Best Bed Sheet: Egyptian Cotton/ Traditional Cotton

Sheets Recommended:

Malouf 100% Rayon From Bamboo Sheet Set (


The Cold Sleeper

If you’re a cold sleeper than the sound of sleeping only under a sheet is scary. You want all of the blankets in a 10 mile radius on you to keep you warm! This is perfectly okay and with the right sheets you will feel incredibly snug underneath all of those blankets. Heck, you may even get to take a couple off because of how warm you’ll be! For a cold sleeper we recommend getting microfiber sheets. Microfiber sheets are really soft and provide excellent warmth when you sleep in them. You’ll be looking forward to getting in bed at night when it’s cold as the synthetic microfiber material is softer than almost anything else you can buy. Although keep in mind that during the summer months microfiber sheets are not very comfortable and can get hot very quickly. But, during the winter you’ll love them.

microfiber (2)
Best Bed Sheet: Egyptian Cotton/ Traditional Cotton

Sheets Recommended: Clara Clark Premier 1800 Series Micro Fiber Sheets (


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