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How to Find The Best Bamboo Sheets Under 150 Dollars

When it comes to buying sheets they should be look at as an investment. A good nights sleep is priceless and can make you feel better than ever in the morning and get you ready to tackle your day. You spend over 1/3 of you’re life in your bed so why not make it a very comfortable and relaxing experience!

Today I am going to help everyone out there find the best set of bamboo sheets under 150 dollars. Bamboo sheets are great for sleeping because they wick away moisture around 4 times faster than cotton which helps you stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. If you have never slept in bamboo sheets before than you’re in for a surprise! Here are the top 3 Bamboo sheets that are both SOFT and DURABLE. Two very important characteristics for sheets!

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I’ve listed my picks above from most expensive to least expensive. My first pick is the Oasis Fine Linens Island Bamboo Collection. These sheets are a true gem and possibly one of the best set of sheets I’ve tested. I love sleeping with bamboo sheets in the summer and these babies right here are sitting in my house as I type this. I REALLY like these sheets and they have held up great for the amount of time I’ve owned them. If you want a set of luxury soft sheets than spend the extra cash a pick these up! You won’t be disappointed, I promise. You will not want to leave your bed in the morning because these are so soft and comfortable!

My second choice is the Malouf Fine Linens Bamboo collection. These sheets are the baby brother to the Oasis set I reviewed above and share a lot of the same features and feel. What’s the difference? These are slightly thinner and will not last you as many washes and the Oasis. This means that out of the box their softness level will feel about the same, however overtime they will not maintain the softness as long. With that said, these sheets if taken care of will last you a couple of years in pure comfort no problem! And even after they’re worn in they will feel 10x better than an average cotton cheap-o sheet!

Last, but not least is the Honeymoon Bamboo series. These are surprisingly good for the price. Honestly, when you jump in these sheets you would never guess you could pay less than $100 for them. I was very impressed with how soft they were and honestly wouldn’t mind sleeping on them at all! Like mentioned above you will get a few less washes out of them, but you can’t beat it for the price. Be sure to read the reviews on these people love them!

Happy sleeping everyone!

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